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Blue Knights® Chapter Texas XLII History:


Texas Chapter XLII (42), was chartered in Brownsville, Texas on May 31, 2009.  Our Chapter's Founders are Gilbert "G-Man" Losoya and Falcon "Gallo Negro" Rivera.


Gilbert and Falcon were and still are next door neighbors.  They have been friends since December of 1999, when they first knew they were neighbors.  At that time, Gilbert was a Police Officer for the City of Los Fresnos Police Department and Falcon was a Police Officer for City of Brownsville Police Department.


In 2005, after several years of riding independently (Lone-Wolves), and researching several local LEMCs in the Rio Grande Valley, Gilbert contacted Blue Knights® International to seek guidance on how they could charter a Blue Knights® Chapter in Brownsville, Texas.  Gilbert was directed to speak to the Rio Grande Conference Chairman, who was also the McAllen Chapter Texas II President.  At that time, the only Blue Knights® Chapter in the Rio Grande Valley was the McAllen, Texas Chapter II.  


After speaking to the RGC Chairman, Gilbert and Falcon decided that the best thing to do was to join the Blue Knights® McAllen Chapter.  They both agreed and understood the importance of joining the local chapter in order to better understand and learn how the Club operated before chartering a new chapter in Brownsville, Texas.   


In August of 2005, Gilbert and Falcon joined the McAllen Blue Knights® Chapter.  Shortly thereafter, they signed a few more local officers to the McAllen Chapter. By 2007, the McAllen Chapter doubled in size, when several McAllen Police Officers joined the Chapter. 


In March 2009, Gilbert & Falcon discussed and agreed that it was the right time for them to break away from the McAllen Chapter and finish what they envisioned all along. Yes, to start a Blue Knights® Chapter in Brownsville, Texas.  Gilbert spoke to the RGC Chairman, and requested that a new Blue Knights® Chapter be chartered in Brownsville, Texas.  


By that time, Gilbert & Falcon already had met the requirements to charter a New Blue Knights® Chapter.  The RGC Chairman reached out to Blue Knights® International and within a few months, our Charter was approved.  


On May 23, 2009, we scheduled was a pre-meet & greet at Falcon's House, where those present enjoyed a delicious South Texas Style B-B-Q with all the trimmings.  Everyone had a great time. On Sunday, May 31, 2009, we Officially became Blue Knights® Texas XLII in Brownsville, Texas at our First Official Meeting which was held at the Longhorn Cattle Company BBQ Restaurant in San Benito, Texas.  A total of 25 persons were in attendance.  Fifteen of them were Chapter Members.  

Currently, our Chapter's membership hovers around 17 active members annually.  When it comes to membership, in our Chapter, it's all about Quality vs. Quantity.  We have a strong Brotherhood and when we ride, we always wear our Colors with Honor & Pride! 


We are family oriented, and therefore, our wives and children are allowed to attend our General Membership Meetings, Rides, and Events.   


In our Chapter, we have a keen interest in giving back to less fortunate children and to needy organizations from within our community.  In 2019, we started giving out Law Enforcement Scholarships.  We promote Blue Knights®® LEMC as an International non-profit organization. 


Since 2009, our Chapter has donated over $80,000.00 to Charity.  These totals are a combination of cash, monetary value of donated man-hours, & goods.  This is something that we are very proud of.  We give Thanks to God and to the many Citizen Supporters from within our community that continue to support our fundraisers. Together, we are making a difference.  


For more information about our club or to see what we do, please email us at


We want you to please like us and follow us on Facebook & Twitter.  We post everything we do in Social Media.  




Blue Knights® LEMC is a family fraternity. Spouses and children often accompany our members to the various rides and functions. When traveling, local members can provide assistance, directions and when possible, even a place to stay. We are truly a family.  Brotherhood at its Finest!

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